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Cece Winans is one of those artists where you already know that she will be coming strong. She is gospel royalty not only because she can sing and comes from the Winans family, but because of her sincerity in her relationship with God.

Cece recently stopped by Urban Praise Radio sharing how despite the much success that she has garnered throughout the years, it’s easy for her to stay humble. She sees staying humble as the most important thing.
She discussed how all of us have an anointing by God, and the importance of walking out our own individual anointing in which God has given us. She continued to say, “When we go before God in judgment, He will not ask us how many awards we’ve won, but He will say do we have His heart?”
Her latest record, ‘Let Them Fall In Love’ was produced by her son Alvin Jr. III. She had reservations with his ideas for the album, but finally submitted to it. She is proud at the depth displayed in the lyrics written by her son.

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